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Special dresses for special girls.

Let me introduce myself: Anabel Bolotov, designer of wedding dresses in Israel.

If you have a simple and humble, but at the same time romantic style, if you value the ease and the comfort, you would find everyting you were looking for in my cozy studio. 

I offer a modest, simple but elegant dresses with romantic style, characterized by ease and comfort (thin fabric and no corsets!).

 Come and see for yourself!

I do not sew dresses, I create your unique image of simplicity and elegance!

Tel. 052-6262734

שמלות כלה נוחות - אנאבל בולוטוב
שמלות כלה לסטודנטיות בפתח תקווה - אנבל בולוטוב
סטודיו של אנבל בולוטוב
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